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Catching the next big wave - Immigrating to Canada learning your options

>> Sunday, January 22, 2012


This post Catching the next big wave - Immigrating to Canada learning your options, is to let you know what programs are available to help you immigrate to Canada.

By far the easiest and fastest immigration program to Canada is the Federal Skilled Workers-FSW, Permanent Residents Visa Application.

If qualified, an applicant will get the results of their application within 6 to 12 months.

- Under this program applicants must have work experience in the list of eligible

occupations for the program. - click this link to read the current 29 in demand occupations.

- Must have all their documentary requirements at the beggining of the application.

- And apply while their occupations are still in the list of eligible occupations for this program has a timeline, 1 year. It usually starts on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.

Which means that the next set of occupations will be out soon, on July 1, 2012.

Considering the set of regulations for this program, you must ready your full application package (generic and special requirements) so that you can apply as soon as you find out that you are eligible to apply.

You can not wait until the new list is published before you make a move to start processing your papers because there is also a quota or cap for each occupation currently accepted.

For individuals whos occupation is in the list and can still apply because there are still slots available you must apply right now, when the occupation changes on July 1, 2012 and your occupation is no longer in the list you will no longer be able to apply.

The basic requirement for you to hope to qualify for this program is to plan ahead. Get ready and start processing your full application package, right now before the list changes. Only those who understands that getting ready on a timely fashion is the key to becoming successful for this program can take advantage of this opportunity.

Understandably, you will incur investments in both time and money when you start processing
your requirements ahead of time, even without knowing if your occupation will be on the next list, this is a risk that you have to take if you want to be able to apply for this fast and easy immigration program for Canada.

Other than being on the list of eligible occupation, an applicant will also be subjected to the selection criteria or commonly known as the point system, to know if you are qualified please click on the following link:

Canada Immigration Points System

Provincial Nomination program (PNP)

To simplify, an applicant has to be nominated to become a perment resident to qualify for the PNP.

Each of the 11 provinces who has their own style and preference.

Who can nominate you will depend of the kind of program the province has. The common stream to all provinces is that an employer can nominate you to become a Permanent Resident.

But this is not very easy considering that you would have to convince the employer to give you the time of the day, in processing your nomination.

In some provinces, direct relatives can nominate, in one province even friends or organizations can nominate you to become a Permanent Resident in Canada.

It would be best to find out first which part of Canada your relatives and friends are residing before you know more about this program.

Doing so, would help you focus your searh on the province that is applicable to you.

Even in provinces where only the employer can nominate, your friends may be able to help
you find an employer who is interested in your particular skills and experience.

To know more about this program, you can click on the following link:

Provincial Nominee program (PNP) - Fast Immigration to Canada

Arranged employment Opinion - AEO

You will only be able to apply for this Immigration program if you have an employer who will be willing to apply your Arranged Employment Opinion in Canada with the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

An arranged employment opinion (AEO) is based on these factors :

The job offer is permanent (not contractual);
The job offer is genuine;

The wages and working conditions offered for the job are comparable to those offered to Canadians working in the occupation;

The employment is full-time, not seasonal.

Getting an approval on the AEO application would mean that you will be able to process your

Permanent Residents Visa application for Canada; this will not give you a work permit there is a different application process for that which I will discuss next.

To learn more about the process of getting an AEO please click on the following link:

Applying for an Arranged employment Opinion (Arranged Employment Offers are only applicable to applicants with work experience in NOC job Categories O, A and B - Managerial, Professional, skilled and Trade Occupations)

Labor Market Opinion

Like the Arranged Employment Opinion, you can only be processed under this program if you
find an employer who needs your skills set and will be willing to process your Labor Market Opinion with the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

What goes unnoticed is that the LMO program has two facets.

An employer can give a permanent and full time Job offer and give the employee the chance to work in Canada as well as apply for a Permanent Residents Visa application. (applicable to applicants with work experience in NOC job Categories O, A and B - Managerial , Professional, skilled and Trade Occupations)

While a contractual or temporary job offer will only give the employee the opportunity to work in Canada until his or her contract with the employee expires. - applicable to all occupational codes even Semi Skilled job classifications.

To know more about how Labor Market Opinions are processed please click on the following


Applying for Labor market opinion (LMO)

These are the three most common programs that will allow applicants to get a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada.

They share almost identical documentary requirements for the worker.

Which means that if you hope to be able to apply for any of the three programs, you should first ready your full application package, this will increase your chances of taking advantage of said Visa application opportunities.

The key is to ready your full application package ASAP, so that when the time comes that these programs changes you will be able to apply right away, there is no other way to do this but to plan ahead.

In my next post I will discuss the other options for getting a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada. To instantly get news about Canadian Opportunities click on the subscribe button, if you want to have your credentials assessed if you qualify for the current Ministerial Instruction please click on the free assessment button.

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